Throughout the years we have enjoyed the benefit of working with many creative and serious people and companies. All these can be found in our network and thanks to them we can deliver events and project management of high quality and great competence. Below you can find some feedback and further down you will find more people we have worked with in different ways:

”For four years I have had the pleasure of managing Fjällräven’s Extreme Marathon together with Aktivut.
Aktivut have shown structure, professionalism, cost-awareness and last but not least a positive attitude at all times. The feeling of ”nothing is impossible” is very assuring during an event that involves problem solving against the clock, often under Spartan conditions. The trademark Fjällräven places high requirements on implementation and I can guarantee that Fjällräven’s management are more than satisfied with both execution and results. Fjällräven Extreme Marathon grew from about 400 to 1000 participants from 2001 to 2004. 80% of the staff behind the competition consists of Aktivut contacts. It is with great assurance and joy that I recommend Aktivut as partner for big events with high requirements on planning, personnel and implementation.”

Martin Axelhed
Event Manager at Fjällräven AB

”Sofie Jugård Löfgren at Aktivut has been a remarkable project manager for Outdoor Academy of Sweden. Full control of the situation, good ideas, excellent organisation and flexibility.”

Sara Wänseth
Information & Media, Jämtland Härjedalen Turism (JHT)

The Swedish Travel & Tourism Council has engaged the services of Aktivut through Outdoor Academy of Sweden (OAS).
Aktivut have been very professional and with a keen understanding of our needs. The collaboration has been very meaningful for us and our work with OAS. ”

Kristina Borgström and Jenny Jonevret
Swedish Travel & Tourism Council

“For many years now, Ski Unlimited and Expeditionsresor have been turning to Aktivut to find skilled, genuine and committed guides to work with. After all, it is the guide who can give the guest a unique experience.”

Tatiana Broman
CEO of Ski Unlimited and Expeditionsresor

Other names in our network of contacts, customers and partners:
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