The Concept

Aktivut helps businesses to strengthen their brand by creating tailor-made outdoor events. These events charge the brand with values linked to nature, the environment, sustainability, health and social responsibility.

Many companies have chosen to have a health or environmental profile, but don’t realise that they can be even clearer by practicing what they preach. An outdoor event for the staff, customers, suppliers or your partners is the perfect way to work with your core values in a concrete, interesting and healthy way.

Cycling, hiking, dog-sledding or kayaking?

Something happens to people when they spend time together in the outdoors. We become open, genuine and brave. We learn new things, both about ourselves and the people around us, and we find it easier to step outside our comfort zone. This makes the outdoors a fantastic place for training, team building, customer events or conferences.

Aktivut produces both small and really big events. A small event could be a group of employees who want to get out of the office to discover some team spirit. We take the group off-road cycling, hiking, kayaking, on a dog-sled expedition or some other exciting outdoor activity. A really big event could have up to a couple of thousand participants; it will be appreciated and talked-about, strengthening the target group’s image of your company’s activities and ideology. One of the better known events that we produce is the Fjällräven Classic, which attracts 2000 participants every year.

Planning, execution and expertise

We have many years of experience in organising outdoor events and a broad staff of knowledgeable guides and subject specialists. We recruit the best people for the job, organise the catering, manage the logistics, book accommodation, travel, etc., for each event. Quite simply, we do everything it takes to create a successful event along with our customers!

What type of outdoor event would boost your brand? Contact us and we’ll tell you more.


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