About Aktivut

Aktivut was founded in 2000 by Sofie Jugård Löfgren and Crister Löfgren. We work with outdoor event marketing and our vision is to build successful brands through outdoor activities.

Our work is closely linked to social responsibility, nature, health and leadership. We believe that the Swedish right of public access and the opportunities for outdoor activities are part of our natural and cultural heritage – and we love to work with companies who think in the same way.

Aktivut has more than 20 years’ experience of guiding people in the natural world. Over the years, our business has grown and we now have a broad staff of outdoor guides, mountain guides, officials and subject specialists. At most, we have around 130 people who work together at large events. We also possess unique knowledge as regards the safety and security of an event; our staff includes a number of nurses, doctors and first aid educators.

Creating tailor-made outdoor events that focus on your employees, customers, partners or other important target groups can charge your brand with the positive values associated with the natural world – and contribute to its conservation. You could hardly take a clearer, more definite stand. Contact us!


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